Staffing process


  • From the briefing, WEEM proposes profiles to the client within 48 hours
  • WEEM proposes to the client the 2 to 3 most relevant profiles in order to simplify the selection process


If your profile is pre-selected by the Staffing team, they will contact you to :

– Describe the mission: problematic, duration, budget, logistics

– Validate your interest in the mission: thank you for your quick response (within 24 hours if possible)!

With your agreement, your WEEM CV will be communicated to the client

-If necessary, we will advise you to adjust your CV before sending it to the client in order to better highlight your background



  • The client wants to meet you? Good news! We will arrange a meeting between you

    -Before the meeting, we will prepare you by giving you the necessary information and personal branding arguments



The client is interested in your profile? Let’s get started! We contract between WEEM and you on the one hand, and between WEEM and the client on the other hand, the mission can begin!

– With your Kbis and your RCPro professional insurance certificate

– Possibly via a partner company or a company of your choice

If the client does not retain your profile, we will provide you with the information we have on this subject



  • We check in with you regularly to make sure you have everything you need to succeed and that your mission is going well.-Don’t hesitate to keep us informed proactively, we’re here for you!You can count on the expertise of the WEEM community if you need advice during the project
    Every month we ask you to complete your activity report
    We pay you within 30 days after sending your activity report and your monthly invoice


  • You send us the deliverables of your mission
  • We ask you to fill in a template with your feedback
  • We ask you and the client to evaluate the mission via a dedicated form
  • We proceed to a cross debriefing of the results with you and the client


  • Remember to keep us informed of your availability 15 to 30 days before the end of your missions, directly by email

    Do not hesitate to send us your updated WEEM CV at the end of your missions. The more complete and up-to-date your information is, the more likely we will be able to identify you for future staffing!

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