Are you interested in freelance consulting? Do you want to know more about WEEM, how it works and its missions before you sign up?

WEEM connects the best independent talent with its clients.
It is the community of the heart that our founders, former independent strategy and management consultants, dreamed of.
WEEM is collective performance at the service of individual fulfillment: WE + ME.


Independant Consultants

From 3 to 30

Years of experience


Clients already assisted

What does WEEM mean?

WEEM is pronounced “ouimmm”, like WE (us) + ME (me), all independent within a community of heart!

What is the average length of an assignment?

On average, assignments are 40 days long. On the other hand, WEEM missions can range from 1 to 200 days, depending on the type of project. For example, a few days for a due diligence, up to several months, possibly renewable, for the management of a transformation project.

Will I work alone or in a team?

Both formats are possible according to the projects with today a predominance of the missions “alone

Do you intervene during the missions?

In general, you are autonomous with the client on the management of the project. The WEEM teams are always at your side. In addition, we carry out regular progress reviews with the client and you, and for all projects we produce an evaluation

Is WEEM an exclusive platform?

No, of course, joining the WEEM community is not at all incompatible with registering on other platforms; however, in the context of your missions, it is important to respect the commitments of our charter.

Can I choose my day rate?

Yes, your day rate is not imposed by WEEM. We are at your disposal to present you the market standards that concern your profile and to share our feedback. In the case of negotiations with a client, the discussions are always conducted fairly and transparently with you. You always have the last word.

If the mission is in the provinces, how are the travel expenses taken into account?

The travel expenses are in most cases paid by the client who defines in advance a cost envelope related to the project. These expenses are billed to the client after validation and upon presentation of proof. In some cases the expenses can be integrated upstream in your day rate after a simulation of your needs (recommended)

I have not yet created my structure, who can help me to choose the best mode for me?

We are at your disposal to talk about it and to share with you our feedback. You can also get in touch with our partners on the subject. There is no best model of structure, it depends on your context and your wishes in terms of salary and taxation in particular.