Former consultants (at BCG, Kurt Salmon, and Peat Marwick) and savvy entrepreneurs of an independent stripe, we seek to offer decision-makers and freelance consultants new modes of collaboration.

In founding Weem, we’ve capitalized on the diversity of our personalities and the complementary nature of our unique experiences to meet a simple objective: to help our clients and our community achieve success.

Leslie Garçon

Co-founder & Partner

Aristide Varvounis

Co-founder & Partner

Jean-Baptiste Hecquet

Staffing & Operations

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Our work is more than about building your business: it’s about embarking on an adventure together. We’ve defined the principles and values that guide us, always remembering that people come first.

We like people who dare to be entrepreneurs, who may be wary of risk but can’t resist setting off on a new adventure. With them we have the audacity to seek to develop new modes of collaboration.

We are attentive to the needs and aspirations of all parties, at every stage of our relationship, because their well-being and success depend on it.

We like people who constantly strive to push the limits, exceed objectives, and improve as they progress.

Working together is a daily choice and has become second nature, because we understand the value of sharing our experiences. We’ve built our model with and for our community, our partners, and the decision-makers who are our clients.

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